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How OMASA Serves its Members

Birthed out of a National Council for the Blind Conference held in Durban, South Africa, OMASA has been serving its members since its inauguration by Ken Lord in 1978.

The main objective of OMASA is to represent, promote and protect the professional interests of Orientation and Mobility Practitioners in South Africa. It also takes an active role in establishing and maintaining high professional standards in mobility instruction and delivery in South Africa. This includes encouraging continuing professional development and disseminating information on new ideas and the latest developments in the field.

How OMASA has supported its members over recent years

2023 - HPCSA Application Gazetted

Under the leadership of Moira Higgerty, the association has been the key instigator in developing the professional recognition of Orientation and Mobility Practitioners in South Africa. The application for registration under the Health Professional Council of South Africa is currently in process and is at the final step before becoming a reality.

Click here for a copy of the application

2022 - OMASA Mini Conference

Practitioners from all around the country gathered for a two-day conference in Worcester, South Africa. People from various professions within the field of visual impairment presented, aiming to support the professional development of O&M practitioners and encourage networking opportunities.


The tradition of a regular newsletter has continued since the organisation’s inception. Members receive a published and circulated newsletter, keeping them informed of updates in the field, including changes to the profession, new technology advancements, and links to ongoing training opportunities.

The Association Biennial General Meeting allows for ongoing connection and sharing across the profession as full members come together for a conference that includes informative talks and opportunity to raise questions or discuss new ideas for the profession and association as a whole

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