Who We Are

volunteer executive committee, elected by members every two years at the biennial general meeting, runs OMASA. It comprises a chairperson, secretary, treasurer and four additional members. The committee commits to meeting at least five times during its term to ensure it fulfils its objectives and meets its members’ needs.

The current OMASA executive committee includes:

Wendy Histed (Chairperson)                                                                        wjhisted@gmail.com

Elizabeth Louw (Secretary)                                                                           elizabethl@guidedog.org.za

Omphemetse Mangwekea (Treasurer)                                                       gilbert@blindsa.org.za

Gugu Mngadi (Information officer; editor newsletter)                              zikhacg@unisa.ac.za

Joyce Thebeyagae                                                                                         joycemolatlhegi@gmail.com

Ntungu Mutule                                                                                              mutele.np@gmail.com

Sharon Goosen                                                                                              om@innovationfortheblind.org

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