The Orientation & Mobility Association of South Africa

What is OMASA?

The Orientation & Mobility Association of South Africa (OMASA) represents, promotes and protects Orientation and Mobility practitioners serving South Africa.

Orientation and Mobility practitioners work throughout the country to serve the needs of people with visual impairment, helping them become independent in their daily activity and travel needs.

Started in 1978 and continuing today, the association supports practitioners carrying out this essential service, ensuring their continued learning and growth, and advocates for the acknowledgement and advancement of the profession within the country.

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“Teaching my students how
to cook using a stove, I suddenly realized
what a difference I had made to their lives,
people who had never been able to
prepare food for themselves exclaiming to
me with joy “we were never allowed near
the stove and now we can fry an egg and
much more”. This is what it means to me
making a difference in other people’s lives.”

Golden Dzapasi

O and M Practitioner

Working together there is life after visual impairment

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