OMASA  is the professional body that represents Orientation and Mobility Trainers.  OMASA has members throughout South Africa, in other Southern African States and some from other international countries. The Association has an Executive Committee that is democratically elected every two years. The executive committee members serve voluntarily and gets no remuneration from OMASA.

The objectives of OMASA as spelt out in our Constitution are:


To represent, promote and protect the professional interests of the orientation and Mobility Practitioners by;

  • Increasing awareness, understanding and respect for the profession;
  • Advancing the availability and use of the profession; and
  • Being the body that advocates for the profession and its members

To take an active role in establishing and maintaining high professional standards of mobility instruction and delivery in South Africa by:

  • Encouraging the development and implementation of continuing professional development; and
  • Disseminating information, new ideas, latest developments and to stimulate the interchange of opinion and thought amongst members on mobility for the visually impaired and related topics.

To promote and support research and its application in the profession.


To publish and circulate a newsletter, at least twice a year.

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“Teaching my students how
to cook using a stove, I suddenly realized
what a difference I had made to their lives,
people who had never been able to
prepare food for themselves exclaiming to
me with joy “we were never allowed near
the stove and now we can fry an egg and
much more”. This is what it means to me
making a difference in other people’s lives.”

Golden Dzapasi

O and M Practitioner

Working together there is life after visual impairment

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